Just Horsing Around (Willow Bay Witches 3) Silver, Samantha




“But what if I trip coming back from the bathroom, faceplant straight into our table, knock everything off it, and come up with a plateful of spaghetti on my face?” I asked my best friend Sophie while I prepared the vaccines for the litter of kittens coming in for their first shots later on today.

“I think you should replay that sentence in your head and ask yourself if maybe, just maybe, you’re considering scenarios with a zero percent chance of actually playing out,” Sophie replied, helping me with the vaccines.

“There is so a chance of that happening,” I retorted.

“Seeing as the diner, which is where you’re going for dinner, doesn’t actually serve anything with spaghetti in it, no, there isn’t.”

Ok, fine, she had me there.

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